What's your cosy-night-in fragrance?

Discover our fave wintery scents and decide what your at-home fragrance will be this season.

Cedarwood & Leather
Type: Woody

Notes: Vetiver, bergamot, leather, clove and cedarwood.

Intensity: 7/10

Pair with: Your fave Whitakers chocolate and a cup of tea
French Pear
Type: Fruity

Notes: Crisp tree ripened Queensland pear, vanilla and clove.

Intensity: 9/10

Pair with: A cosy night by the fire, a bit of Netflix and a bit of chill.
Bergamot & Basil
Type: Citrus-Woody

Notes: Grapefruit, sage, sea salt, rose, jasmine, cedar, amber and cashmeran.

Intensity: 8/10

Pair with: A crisp Seedlip and soda and a delish cheese board.
Type: Floral-oriental

Notes: Passion flower, maple and vanilla fruits, orange blossom, bourbon woods, patchouli and sandalwood.

Intensity: 7/10

Pair with: A bold red and your cashmere socks.

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