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memobottle paper shaped bottles

Paper. Thin.

When you change what's normal,
you change what's possible.


everywhere hydration

Born from a desire to reduce the impact of single use bottles, memobottle's disruptive lightweight design makes it more convenient to carry your own water on the go.

That's one less excuse to not carry a bottle, and one more reason to stay hydrated.

Minimalist Design
Maximum Impact

Together, the memobottle community has delivered over 6 million days of access to clean water through and diverted over 75 million bottles from landfill. 

Plastic, fantastic

Today's use of plastic is, quite frankly, irresponsible. It's one of the most powerful materials we have at our disposal but too often it is turned into disposable, single-use products.

Memobottle estimates that they have been able to divert over 75 million single-use bottles from landfill through the sale of memobottle products.

If that's not enough, when considering the embodied energy used to create our products, a memobottle requires 70% less energy than a stainless steel bottle and 50% less energy than a glass bottle.

7 million days and counting

Memobottle believes that clean water shouldn't be a luxury. That’s why they have partnered with to help fund projects that provide communities access to clean water all over the world. Put simply, every memobottle sold provides two months of clean water to those in need.

It's also their aim to be an example for other businesses by being conscious of our environmental and social impact. As a certified B-Corp, Memobottle strives to meet and set rigorous standards of social and environmental responsibility, accountability and transparency.

Find your fit. Find your flow.

There's a memobottle for everyone.

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