10 Tips for a More Organised You

We are so excited to share the first drop of our new stationery range. Each piece is thoughtfully designed by Papier HQ with the minimalist in mind. This range was designed with the intention of bringing organisation into your busy lives with sophisticated stationery that oozes function and style. Here are their top 10 tips for a more organised you...

1. Create Daily To-Do Lists 

Before rushing into a full-on day take a moment to curate a to-do list. Determine what your top three priorities are or simply bullet point the tasks you need to get done. Make sure your list is realistic. Keep on top of your workload by breaking projects down into smaller tasks. The Daily Notes pad has 100 tear-off pages so you can jot down ideas and reminders all day long. For those who prefer a more structured way of list-making the Papier lined notebooks are the perfect solution. 

2. Schedule your Week 

The Weekly Planner is the perfect tool for tackling a busy week. Note down everything you need to accomplish in the checklist section. Work commitments and social events can be listed underneath the weekday headings. Make sure to put aside time for self-care too!

3. Set Goals

Goals are always an excellent motivator. Set a range of goals for your personal life, fitness, career ambitions and finances. Writing goals down is the first step to achieving them. Keep them on your desk in a spot where you can always see them.

4. Simplify, Simplify, Simplify!

Life can easily become a little too high speed. Remember what's most important and prioritise. It’s okay to say no sometimes. 

5. Plan Your Meals

Make time at the start of your week to plan your meals. The Bon Appétit Menu Planner helps you create a thorough shopping list and takes the stress out of brainstorming dinner plans every day. With 100 perforated sheets it is super easy to tear off your shopping list for your trip to the supermarket.

6. Clear your desk  

A tidy desk makes for a tidy mind. The Leopard Organiser will help you get your desk in order without having to sacrifice on style. With different sections for all you might have lying around on your desk, your organisation skills will be the envy of the office or the home. In the Papier studio they have used theirs to store loose pins, paper clips and business cards. 

7. Get Work Ready 

Organise everything in your laptop bag each evening so it's ready to go. Pack our laptop sleeve with your laptop, charger, notebooks all prepared for the morning. You may also like to check the weather forecast and plan your outfit for the day ahead.

8. Give Everything a Home

Store your pens in style with our selection of pen holders. The ceramic Boobie Pen Cup makes for the perfect feature piece and can hold rulers and scissors as well as pens. 

9. Digital Declutter

Now that you’ve organised your physical desktop, make sure your computer is also kept in order. Use the stacks feature to clear your screen of screenshots and loose files. Choose a wallpaper that inspires you. 

10. Take Time to Unwind

Journalling is a great way to process your thoughts and reflect on events from the day. Grab a pen, open your notebook and take a moment to face your feelings head on and reset for what's to come. The inside pages of all of the Papier HQ notebooks are lined and made from recycled coffee cups.

Written by Lauren Blakeley for Papier HQ

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