Update on shipping during lockdown

You have probably noticed a lot more online stores reopening the last few days after having gained ‘essential business’ status from MBIE.

This is just a quick message to let you know that no, I will not be applying to join them. There are many other homeware stores reopening but I would be lying through my teeth if I were to try to convince someone that anything I sell is truly essential. It just wouldn’t sit right with me. I have said this all along and it still stands true.

This decision may well come at the cost of my business as customers flock to buy from other stores (ironically bigger stores that almost certainly don’t need the sales right now… and are they really operating within the rules? 2m distancing when dispatching orders? Somehow I doubt that…)

The rules are there for good reason, we need to respect them. I have left the online store running in the hope that my incredible loyal customers will still continue to purchase online over the coming weeks and if we all play our part, stick to the rules and stay home, I hope that in less than three weeks we will come out of level 4 and I’ll be able to ship all your orders out. And three weeks really isn’t that long… make the most of these slower days with your little bubble, if we support each other we will all come out the other side better for these trying times.

Love, Emma x

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Agree Emma we are living at the Mount just down the road , and our family will be absolutely be supporting local businesses over the big companies.

All the best, stay safe
The Gillies Family

Lynette Gillies April 11, 2020

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