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From Amy & Brad of Land & Sand Essentials:

Born from a love of a life lived outdoors, the Land and Sand story started with the idea for sustainable shade for families just like ours. We are Aimee and Brad, the creators of Land and Sand Essentials, and today we thought we would invite you to take a peek behind the scenes of our brand and share where our journey started.

Living on the Sunshine Coast of Australia with two little ones, our days on the beach and in the sun bring us so much joy. They say necessity is the mother of invention, and it was during these days that inspiration struck. Soon the idea for our signature Umbrellas started to take shape as we realised the need for shade especially now that we had a little bubs skin to consider. We quickly noticed that there was a gap for aesthetically pleasing yet functional umbrellas and started dreaming of our own.

Where we find inspiration

(Aimee here) As the creative dreamer behind the brand, before the beginnings of Land and Sand, my mind was was kept busy with Graphic Design and Pottery side projects. Being in this creative space started to get my mind ticking and thinking of ideas I wanted to create. I was always drawn to products that went the extra mile with really well thought out design features that took them to the next level. Once the idea was sparked for the umbrellas my mind went here, thinking of all the details that could make the product not only work, but shine.

As the brand has evolved, it can be hard as a designer to not feel influenced by trends which is why we try to remain most heavily influenced by our lifestyle and the needs of friends and families just like us. Guided by this, I try to trust the process and design from this space so that we can create things that not only we love, but you will love too!

Inspiration can come from anywhere and strikes when I least expect it. I often ask Siri to write me notes or draw on the shower doors condensation. And it’s no surprise that our colour palettes usually stem from the moments we are spending time in nature. 

What makes our Umbrellas stand out?

Well, our proudest achievement is that we can say that our Umbrellas were actually a world first - in a Beach Umbrella canopy made from recycled materials. 

This was the most important detail when we started designing - creating a product that truly celebrated the outdoors in more ways than one. Our research phase commenced and when we discovered Repreve we knew we had struck gold. Repreve is a certified recycled fibre taking materials (predominantly plastic bottles) from landfill and oceans, to create a high performing fabric - perfect to withstand the sun and elements. We knew that if we're going to be making products we want to produce these in a way that helps our planet rather than add to its waste problem.

Our Impact Land and sand

The Devil is in the Details

As we started piecing the rest of the umbrella together, the design process unfolded from the ground up. Ease was key, it had to be easy-peasy to set up (especially with kids in tow), so we looked at how we could create a simple click-in assembly. The added detail of the screw in rod feature (pictured above) was a brain-wave to assist with the pain-point of securing the pole into the ground.

Overall, we knew the product needed to be lightweight (we have enough to lug around as parents) so we found an aluminum pole offered a light but durable solution, and included the convenience of a carry bag allowing a hands-free walk to the beach. 

Lastly it needed to be aesthetically pleasing, cue the nude pole, fringing and crisp prints and colours that we allow our inspiration to run wild with and reinvent year after year. Of course, we couldn’t forget the little details - our vintage inspired wooden toggle ties, signature vegan leather labels, and our embroidered carry bag.

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