Collective Hub | Issue 55 - Coffee Table Mook

Hello, I'm a mook. Not quite a magazine. not quite a book.

Inside you will find game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers from every corner of the globe. Ideas for how to live a slower, less distracted life. Peeks inside the homes of the most creative people. Bucket list restaurants around the globe. A roll out of the best co-working spaces. Toolkits to help future-proof your mental health. Thoughts on how to un-judge someone. 

We also ask the big questions like: Should cancel culture be cancelled? What's the deal with crypto art? Why should you pay $69M for an NFT? How do you harness the power of self-belief in a fast-paced crazy world? What is the true cost of fashion? Why is the Aussie outback such a great place to start a business? And a whole bunch of life's other big, unanswered questions...

As this is designed to sit upon your coffee table or on display, we have created 2x colourways to choose from. Whether your home is dark and moody or light and bright, there's an option for everyone!




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