A Sunday well spent brings a week of content

Elevate the everyday and add a little magic to your weekend routine with Ecoya.

Beautifully laundered linen
There’s no better feeling that jumping into bed on a Sunday evening to freshly-laundered clean linen.
Get the most decadent result for your linens and elevate the humble to the heavenly with our Fragranced Laundry Liquid and Dryer Balls.
Go the extra mile
Level up laundry day with a spritz of Linen Spray on your towelling, linen and clothes, or completely skip washing anything at all and spritz on your bed for that extra touch of luxury.
Light a candle
While cooking on your Sunday evening, light a candle and make it a moment.
A sparkling kitchen
Fragrance your kitchen and eliminate those cooking odours using the Surface Spray and Dish Liquid. And now you can refill your Dish Liquid with our 1L refill pouch.
Fill your space with a powerful, fresh fragrance that can sit proudly atop your bench.

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