Behind the Scenes of ECOYA x Peppa Hart

The ECOYA x Peppa High Summer Collection is finally here!

And we are more than excited to show off this incredible collaboration with the Peppa Hart brand. The packaging is keepsake worthy and the three new fragrances are captivating! We took a moment to pour a marg, find a spot in the sun and chat to Sophie Bell, the talent behind the Peppa Hart brand.

Sophie, here we are, well more like, there you are in Bali and here we are at ECOYA HQ, ogling over the newest collection created with you. How great is it to see the collection IRL??
It is such a dream to see our designs come to life! The whole Peppa Hart team is obsessed, and my family and I absolutely love having the range in our home on display. The colours, the vibe - we're so happy. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to collaborate with ECOYA in such a beautiful way, seeing our brands side by side on the box is such a pinch-me moment. I can’t wait to see everyone enjoying the range in their homes. 


Your design aesthetic is unique and striking and this has translated in the most beautiful way for the collection packaging – what inspired your design direction for this?
I live for the summer, the sunshine and tropical feeling, hence our move to Bali! The way I enjoy and celebrate summer may evolve along the way, but the main elements are always the same – sunshine, swimming, family, friends, great food, margaritas and a whole lot of love – and I like to showcase this in everything I do, as it's truly my driving passion. Our designs showcase different elements of the summer - the colours representing the scents in all their glory, while the designs represent elements of summer I absolutely love: the sea, abundant florals, and that euro summer vibe. 
The three fragrances (Sunkissed Lily, Summer Violets and Mandarin Gin) perfectly capture that long vacay feeling, do you have a favourite? Does it remind you of a time or place?
It's like choosing a favourite child! 
I love the citrusy scent of Mandarin Gin for a fresh kick, and the fruity florals of the Summer Violets palate, but I have to say the tropical vibes of Sunkissed Lily are doing things to me right now. I don't know if it's the perfect complement to our tropical Bali life or if it's just my obsession with a charred pineapple and jalapeño margarita, but I'm obsessed. 
High Summer, it's an evocative phrase.
How are you spending your high
We are spending it exploring our new island home, adventures galore. Spending every ounce of spare time with the family in the water or by a beach, and endless time with visiting friends and their families showing them everything we love about living in Bali. The kids love the endless summer life here, and we can't get enough ourselves. Lots of beautiful long lunches in the sun with margs are in hand, of course!
When you consider fragrance for your home, what do you take into account?
The perfect scent for our home has to account for how it makes us feel as well as how it smells. We love scents that lift the room, and bring energy and life into our space, as well as scents that create a moody, wind-down atmosphere. We've been loving the tropical scents as of late, it pairs perfectly with the humid Bali air. We have our doors open all day long at home so the smell of the fresh air mixed with the High Summer range is so beautiful. 
I also like to consider the type of fragrance, for example - candles, diffusers or sprays. I love a spray for a quick refresher, and a diffuser is always great for that constant light undertone, but I am partial to a candle - the burn time, the depth it creates throughout the room, and who doesn't love the glow of candlelight at night? 
You designed a delicious margarita for us, a hot and sweet Pineapple Jalapeno marg, and yes we have recreated it already,
where will we find you sipping your Pineapple Jalapeno marg?
I am loving pineapple margs at the moment, perfect when it's a hot summers day and the jalapeño adds a perfect amount of spice to it.
You will find me pool side usually watching Bell and the kids in the water. The margs taste even better when the whole fam is having the time of their life being thrown around into the water by their dad – there's nothing better. Summer is the best! 
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