Adam Robinson Design X Zakkia

Adam Robinson Design and ZAKKIA are two brands that have complemented each other for quite some time. Over the years, Adam has often specified ZAKKIA products into his garden designs. When Deborah Mott, the owner of ZAKKIA and Adam first started discussing collaborating on a special collection of artisanal pots they both knew that this would be a fruitful alliance as they explored the possibilities of what they could create together.  


The EMBERS collection of pots are handmade in Vietnam by a dedicated and proud family of artisans who have passed their skills and knowledge of producing unique, quality products down through 30 generations.

This beautiful range has been created using a reactive glaze. The reactive glaze process ensures each pot is distinctive and unique; each piece has its own identity based on its position in the kiln when firing takes place. There are four different designs; The Hanging Dish, Cylindrical Wall Pot, Upright Cylinder and Low Cylinder. Each design will be available in several sizes and two colourways – Char and Ash.
View the full range here:
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