Introducing... Art Club Concept's MERAKI Collection

Melbourne based homewares company Art Club Concept bridges the gap between fashion and interiors for art lovers.

Following their Elysian Collection, Meraki delights with its ethereal art works centred around three themes, FemmeBotanical and Nostalgic Romance.

The MERAKI Collection

'To do something with soul, creativity & love.' A mysterious, nostalgic & romantic collection, each art work telling a story of its own. The prints are divided into three themes, Femme, Botanical & Nostalgic Romance- exploring the notion of hidden beauty in nature, architecture and the female form. We invite the eye on a visual journey that touches the soul and whispers sweet nothings into your ears.

Art Club Concept prints are now available in various different sizes and framed options are available as well. 

Take a peek into the new collection... Click on any image below to bring it up on the website. 


We've also taken the guesswork out of choosing which prints look great together... you can now shop by 'perfect pairs'


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