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A baby journal becomes a special story to share and be passed down with moments and details that will never go forgotten. Handwriting is a priceless gift to an adult child so taking the time to write about the little details will one day be really treasured.  

A new parent is so busy. Between looking after a new baby, cooking, household chores, life admin, trying to shower and getting out for some exercise or a catch up with friends or family – the days are certainly full! However, keeping a baby journal doesn’t have to be a huge overwhelming task.

Here are some of our tips to hopefully help keep a baby journal:

  1. See Keep the journal in a place where it can be seen eg. Coffee table, or nursery shelf. This is a good reminder to fill it out.
  2. Notes Have a post it note block handy or use the notes in your phone to jot down the things you want to record. This way when you are feeling less rushed you can sit and transfer these details.
  3. Plan Block out 1 hour in your calendar/planner at the end of each month to fill out the month passed. Like everything if you plan for it, make time for it then it will happen. This will keep a baby journal up to date.
  4. Photos Mark your favourite photos and put in a folder as you take them, that way when you go to selecting your chosen prints it won’t be such a time consuming task. Order your photos in three or four month blocks and then stick them in at one time.

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Choosing a Baby Journal

As our baby journal range grows so do the choices. If you are finding it hard to choose which journal is right for you hopefully this table we have put together will allow you to see all their features to compare in one glance. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to email us. We hope you enjoy the process of putting together all your baby memories to look back on in all the years to come. 

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